Panda Zoo

Beijing zoo was founded in 1906, in the XizhimenWai of Leshan Yuan, Ji Yuan and Guangshan temple, Hui 'an temple "two yuans, two temples" on the site of the Qing "agricultural experimental farm". It was prepared by the ministry of commerce. The park consisted three parts: zoo, botanical garden and agricultural experiment. The original zoo was located on the east side of the park, covering an area of 1.5 hectares. It is the earliest zoo open to the public in China and the earliest park open to the public in northern China. It is also the birthplace of modern Chinese zoos, botanical gardens and museums.


Officially it was named in 1955, Beijing zoo now covers an area of about 90 hectares, exhibits about 500 species of rare wild animals and more than 5,000 animals. There are over 5 million tourists to come here. It is national Zoo. Beijing zoo adheres to the working philosophy of "equal emphasis on education and protection, equal emphasis on safety and service". Centering on the goal of building Beijing into a world city, the zoo strives to become a name card of Beijing that shows the elegant demeanors of the capital to domestic and foreign tourists. Beijing zoo is a national key park, a national key cultural relic protection unit, a national science education derpartment and a national 4A scenic spot.